Axe-throwing Facility May Open in Aurora

By: Steve Lord, The Beacon News

If the idea of going out for a night of axe-throwing scares you a bit, owners of a proposed facility in Aurora have one word for you — Chill’Axe.

In fact, that’s the name of the proposed new axe-throwing facility planned for 4302 E. New York St., Aurora, in the new Pacifica Square development on the far East Side.

Denny Ma, owner of Chill’Axe, appeared before the Aurora City Council, meeting as a Committee of the Whole, recently. He told aldermen he hopes to have the new axe-throwing facility open by the end of the summer.

Ma, with help from Judy Ni, director of real estate for The Windfall Group, developers of Pacifica Square, appeared as the council was considering the facility’s application for a liquor license. The council is set to vote on the application at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Axe-throwing has been around in other cities for a while now, including at several popular locations in Chicago. There is an axe-throwing place in St. Charles, but it does not serve alcohol.

Aldermen had questions about the security at the facility.

“I’m thinking alcohol and axes … hmm,” said Ald. Carl Franco, 5th Ward.

Ald. Richard Mervine, 8th Ward, taking part in his last meeting as an alderman, was a member of the Government Operations Committee that recommended the license for Chill’Axe.

He said committee members talked with the owners “in depth” about security and how to handle the activity, and he said “their rules are tighter than usual for places around Chicago.”

One of those requirements is that axe throwers can get no more than one drink an hour. Also, the drinks are served by the handlers or wait staff that serves each station, and patrons cannot go up to the bar and order by themselves.

Axe-throwing involves patrons throwing axes at wooden targets similar to a dart board. There are several different games that can be played that way.

Ni told aldermen there will be security guards at the front door of the facility as well, checking identification. People must be at least 21 to enter.

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